The Millennial is an independent, alternative newsmagazine that aims to inform, provoke and entertain Generation Y—those born between the late 1970s and the early 1990s. Often referred to as the Millennial Generation, this demographic cohort the apparent target audience of this project.

But why did we choose to address this specific group? Well, Millennials are often characterized as being entitled, narcissistic, apathetic or just generally indifferent to anything that isn’t coated in an Instagram filter. Moreover, older generations huff and puff when they consider the grim prospect of one day handing the world over to the youngins. Sure, one could say that there has always been a begrudging relationship between the old and young, but it seems as though there exists a special kind of resentment towards Generation Y.

So The Millennial is setting out to prove that we’re not all the lazy, uninformed shitheads most assume us to be. We have assembled some of the brightest young minds, writers and artists to offer a glimmer of hope for the future and to spite the older generations’ malicious accusations. We plan to cover news that matters and give exposure to artists that deserve it.

We plan to approach news coverage differently than most sources—with a critical eye that reveals the truth unto those who need it the most: the Millennial Generation. Because our globalized world is bound together by a complex interdependency, where the foreign has essentially become the domestic, reporting only local affairs is utterly shameful. The negligence of news, issues and subjects that occur outside of our cozy collegiate microcosm only furthers the alleged ignorance that plagues our generation.

So go forth, readers! Delve into the pages you hold in your hands and endow yourself with a better understanding of our complex world. You owe it to the world and to yourself to be informed and to act upon that understanding. After all, knowledge isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility.

Criticize the powers that be, question all authorities and herald the changes in the world you wish to see.

Mission Statement:
The Millennial aims to serve the local collegiate communities in an informative and thought-provoking manner; to rally political and social involvement, foster civic engagement, combat apathy, and increase global awareness; to serve as a reliable instrument for criticizing institutions and ideologies; to meet the information needs of the region with journalistic integrity.

Writers include:
Thom Kilburn, Miriam Aislinn, David Air, Trenton Landrey, Ernest Richman, Allan McAuley, Richard Rothbard, Johnny Alpha, Sophie Hua, and more.

Submission Guidelines:
The Millennial welcomes and encourages submissions from students, staff, faculty, and community members in the form of articles, editorials, photographs, poetry, illustrations and letters to the editor or the community. The Millennial reserves the right to edit and revise all submissions for spelling, grammar, syntax, length and libel, and to edit photographs and illustrations for sizing purposes. All submissions must be sent digitally to themillennialnewspaper@gmail.com

Advertising Policy:
The Millennial is always seeking out inquiries for advertising. The financial and moral support of local businesses and organizations is what keeps the Millennial afloat. We reserve the right to make final decisions regarding ad content. Space reservation operates on a first-come, first-served basis. All ads will be published exactly as submitted without any censorship. Advertising inquiries can be directed to themillennialnewspaper@gmail.com or you can reach our Advertising/Marketing Representative at (937) 694-3213. Reasonable and affordable rates are available per request.


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