Local News

Springfield City Council: Where Does The Money Go?

by Hassan Alhejaili

The Springfield City Council held its monthly community meeting from 7 pm to 7:33 pm on Tuesday, October 29, 2013. A spirited discussion ensued when one Springfield resident questioned the council about its spending of city tax dollars.

They started with a discussion of all the new reports and new agendas. All the members of the city council agreed with the new agendas.

There were only four residents of Springfield in attendance at the City Council. The residents started the discussion by asking questions about the increase of drug use, mostly heroin, in downtown Springfield. They also discussed the increased amount of prostitution in the area.

During the meeting, an African-American resident of Springfield spoke out against what he perceived as unwise spending of city money by the council, and specifically asked about where the money is being spent. Another resident shouted out against the spending of money by asking that one of the reports from the Finance Director referenced the spending of $115,000 on a new contract for Mark Finchum, $218,835 on the Ohio Department of Transportation Cooperative Purchasing Program, and  receipt by the city council of $250,000.

An African-American resident asked, “Where does the money go? What are you going to do with the $250,000?” Springfield Mayor Warren R. Copeland replied, “The money goes for the residential areas throughout the city.” The resident questioned exactly where the money is spent in the residential areas, stating that there are never any new changes in the city. The mayor, however, cut the resident’s talking short and replied that all the money goes for the city and he can supply proof where the money has went. In addition, Mayor Copeland said that the Council is here to make the city a better place, they are sure about their spending, and they are doing a great for a small city.

The meeting was short and it ended very quickly.


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