Government Superfluousness Revealed in Recent Shutdown

by Circe Cicero

bilde (1)

So the government shut down. There was total chaos in the streets: Cars burning, gangs raping and murdering, huddled masses clinging to barrel fires for warmth, the sun stopped rising regularly, the earth began pitching and yawing out of control and those of us not flung into space were swallowed by the volcanoes.

Except none of that happened. The government ground to a halt, but the nation barely noticed. The primary panickers are extraneous bureaucrats whose unnecessity  was revealed. Shall we show a few examples of this unneeded governance?

Firstly, there’s the WWII memorial that was sealed in with barricades and armed guards, all costing more than just leaving the memorial open with a “No Lifeguard” warning.

Nature was also off-limits. Park rangers and police in Florida closed off 1100 miles of the Florida Bay waters to boating. The Grand Canyon and other federal parks were closed down.

It was all a simulacrum of disorder created to feign relevance.

Productive people continued working, business carried on, the nation persevered.

Plenty of good came out of the shutdown: New IRS asset seizures ceased. Numerous unneeded regulatory agencies were out of commission. Congress was temporarily aware of the horrifying national debt that they created.

The government should be shut down more often or maybe permanently. Trim off the parts seen to be “non-essential”.  If they’re non-essential, they’re a superfluous waste of stolen money. Most (if not all) aspects of government are unnecessary, as demonstrated by the shutdown.

“But the shutdown is bad for business!” Businesses propped up by protectionism and bailouts.

“There’s no passport processing!” Why does someone else get to decide where you’re allowed to travel? There’s no magic wall separating Canada from the US and the Mexican one isn’t even effective.

“The CDC is down; we could be wiped out by super-AIDs-ebola-influenza!” The black death you’re thinking of was exacerbated by fears of bathing and total ignorance of hygiene. (Hopefully you wash your hands.)

“The dollar could collapse!” Our dollar is already dying. $17,000,000,000,000 of debt has a way of doing that. The annual gross domestic product of the US is only $15.68 trillion. The writing is on the wall: The dollar is doomed.

Let’s step back for a second of consideration: What is the government?

The government consists of individuals using violence to control others, laws written and actions committed by fallible humans. Life does not stop and start by edict. Politicians are not gods, they’re not sages, they’re just humans.

And we don’t need them.


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