Despite FBI’s Seizure of Silk Road, Online Black Markets Gain New Popularity

by Pedro Do Amaral Souza The Silk Road, an online black market, was closed in the beginning of October when the FBI arrested Ross Ulbricht, the 29-year-old American responsible for operating the website’s servers. During its two years of existence, the Silk Road was responsible for roughly 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in transactions. The website operated … Continue reading


Review: Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven

by Evan Miller Artist: Oneohtrix Point Never Album: R Plus Seven Label: Warp Records Genre: Electronic, experimental Today’s internet music culture is one often of borrowed nostalgia and constant reference. Old sounds are now made new again. In our post-internet culture, music discovery can become a flood of information and influence without the context of … Continue reading


“Oh, No She Didn’t!”: How False Portrayals of Black Women Affect Our Lives

by Andreece Williams How does one characterize a woman? Most would say she is a selfless caregiver, a nurturing mother, a band-aid wielding wound healer or an attentive wife. In modern society, she can be a navy-suited businesswoman, a case winning defense attorney or a skilled brain surgeon, if she so chooses. She is a … Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning: How Being an Autodidact Changes Your World

by Dylan Dohner Learning beyond the limits of high school, of college. Learning through the day and filling the static of the night with knowledge and subjects that aren’t chained to the agendas of a class curriculum. These habits are what a self-teacher, an Autodidact, have chosen to pursue. To be an autodidact is to … Continue reading